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The Snow Feather



The Snow Feather can be mounted or removed any time if required and is applicable by anybody  without support by a farrier.




  • A normal hoof grip  mostly can no more be used after a period without snow.

  • Due to the extremely durable spring steel the functionability of the Snow Feather will last even under hard conditions and long-time use.

  • Due to its special shape the Snow Feather is secure against twisting even if the stud is getting loose.

  • The abrasion-proof plastic coating protects the hoof against injuries.

  • The mounting is done with horseshoe studs in the sizes M10, M12 and 3/8“.

    We also have special horseshoe studs for paddock horses in our product line.


View the mounting under PICTURES and VIDEOS !

We hope you will be as enthusiastic about the new „GRIPP“ as we are!!!



Paddock Studs

We have found an alternative to the normal stud:


A flat screw that fastens the „GRIPP“ securely to the iron and  which, with its 4 mm, is lower than a normal stud. The thread was made longer to guarantee even better hold. The broad surface enables optimal hold on the horse shoe.


To provide the horses a secure grip on asphalt and ice, too, we have equipped the stud with a Vidia stud screw additionally.


You need not worry about durability either. The material was hardened especially to

fulfil the requirements.